Monday, February 17, 2014

Embroidery: Owl

I've been eyeing this pattern since it first came out in JUNE 2009! Well, I finally stitched this up while marathon-ing the really horrible tv show 'Suits'. I did it in various shades of brown except for three light blue stitches between the eyes, and of course the yellow pupil. I have plans of doing a whole wall of owls in my study (ie. above my desk) - get it? Owls in the study? Smartie pants!

There are two major reasons I've been embroidery more lately. 

1. I figured out how to transfer patterns. For years I've avoided embroidery because I couldn't figure out an easy, cheap, no special equipment way to transfer patterns. I use tissue paper! I trace the pattern onto tissue paper (tracing paper). Then the pattern is tacked down with spare thread to the fabric. Simply stitch through the tissue paper and follow the easy to see lines! When the pattern is done, remove the tacking thread and gently pull the tissue paper away from the design. This takes a while, especially on a pattern like this owl but it's not hard. Voila! 

2. I gave up trying to learn the french knot and now use the colonial knot! Super easy!

Here is the link if you want to stitch up your own! Link  

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