Monday, January 19, 2015

Springbok: Furry

Details: Springbok, "Furry" PZL2076
Done: 30 Dec 2014
Difficulty: easy
Cost: 1.00
Obtained: local thrift store
Pieces Missing: none
Size: 20x20 inches

White Mountain Puzzles: Tasty Treats

(Sorry for the bad photo. Basement. Winter)
Details: White Mountain Puzzles "Tasty Treats" Item #9555
Difficulty: moderate
Done: 1 Jan 2015
Cost: n/a
Obtained: Thrift store
Pieces Missing: 1 piece
Size: 24x30 inches

Springbok: Christmas Cookies

Details: Springbok, "Christmas Cookies", 500 pieces, 1JIG02507
Difficulty: easy
Done: 7 Nov 2014
Cost: 2.00
Obtained: Local Thrift store
Pieces Missing: none
Size: 50cm x 50cm

Cobble Hill: Chocoholic

Details: Cobble Hill, 1000 pieces, "Chocoholic"
Difficulty: easy
Done: 27 Nov 2014
Cost: 4.99
Obtained: Value Village 
Pieces Missing: None
Size: 26x19 inches

Hoyle: Corn on the Cob

Details: Hoyle "Corn on the Cob" 55164 
Difficulty: fun!
Done: 6 Nov 2014
Cost: 2.99
Obtained: Value Village
Pieces Missing: None
Size: 18x24

Hometown Collection: Wing Walkers

Details: Hometown Collection "Wing Walkers" 1000 pieces
Difficulty: easy
Done: 22 Dec 2014
Cost: 2.00
Obtained: local thrift store
Pieces Missing:
Size: 18x26 inches

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tuco: The Covered Bridge

Details: After discovering the wonderful Tuco puzzle a few months ago, I snatched this one up when I saw it on the thrift store shelf. While the picture isn't as nice, I do like that this puzzle is round. I don't think this puzzle is as old as the previous one but it was still super fun to put together 
Difficulty: Easy
Done: 12 May 2014
Cost: $1.99
Obtained: Local thrift store
Pieces Missing: None!