Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Springbok: Familiar Birds

Details: Familiar Birds PZL6039 500 Pieces Painted by William Dilger. 1970
Difficulty: Moderate. Round  puzzles are inherently slightly more difficult than traditional puzzles (but in a fun way).
Done: 6 September 2013
Cost: $2.99 
Obtained from: thrift store
Missing pieces: none
Size: 20 3/8 " in diameter

I yoinked this puzzle so hard when I spied it at the thrift store! My father had several beautiful vintage round puzzles when I was a kid. They were amazing to put together and doing this puzzle reminded me of some of my rare happy childhood memories. I put in an online order for some more round puzzles last night as I won't be able to acquire those family puzzles. 


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